Option - Corbeau Forza Sport Seat Package - $1025

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Upgrade from your donor Cobalt seats to lightweight Corbeau Forza Sport seats. The seat package includes two seats with 5-point harnesses and two sets of DFKC side mounts.


For years the Forza Sport has been a favorite in the European racing scene and we are pleased to now make it available in North America. The Forza Sport is the most affordable FIA approved racing seat money can buy. Most FIA approved seats can only be side mounted but the Forza Sport can be both side and bottom mounted. The problem with side mount only is in order to mount the seat to sliders, you have to attached the bottom of the side mount bracket to the slider instead of the seat mounting directly to the slider. The downside to this is you are now creating unnecessary height, which can be a problem if you're wearing a helmet. The Forza Sport features energy absorbing foam and 3,4,5, and 6-point harness capability. The Forza Sport is available in Cloth or Vinyl material. As a rule of thumb, the Forza Sport racing seat will fit up to 38" waist.